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Name: Stephen Wills
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Major: Biology

A Few of My Favorite Memories From the Trip: Rehydrating with aged accellerade, The sweet aroma of campfires on my gear, watching sunrises and sunsets for a month over combinations of desert ocean and mountain, stripping on the side of the road or trail every day to change from biking gear to running gear and back, meditating for hours each day on nothing but changing landscapes and mileage, the welcome of my warm sleeping bag in the crisp night air after long days of travel, testing the limits of the BOB off-road, dark almond studded chocolate dipped in peanutbutter.

Favorite Bike: I can't choose just one. Each was a trusty steed of admirable character.

Favorite Day: Day 11: El Centro to Rt. 78/86, near the Plaster City Open Lands

Books read during the trip: Down the River by Edward Abbey, Lost in Mongolia by Colin Angus, parts of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Persig, and Font’s journal of the 1775-76 Anza expedition.

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