Colin's Journal

26 January 2006
68 miles
King City --> Castroville
13.5 miles run, 54.5 biked

Good start today, awake at 7am, on the road before 8am. Only problem was that Corey underbought our Pop-Tarts for the morning, thinking that the "8 Pop-Tarts" advertised on the box meant 8 packets, not 8 tarts. He only bought 2 boxes, meaning there were 16 for the 6 of us. It had rained over the night, and was still drizzling a little when we woke.

I ran on the first leg for six miles, deep into wine country. For the rest of my leg (6.5mi) and all of the rest of the day we were riding past miles and miles of vineyards. There were also beautiful hills rising up to our left, covered in light green uniformly colored grass- Corey said it looked like it was out of a video game, it was so perfect. After Corey's long run (14), we were out of the rain for the day, with dark clouds rolling in over mountains to the west, and more to the east, with an open corridor of blue skies up ahead in the north.

We kept hitting the rolling hills at the base of the western mountains, though we never had a major climb. We crossed a cool little one lane bridge along the way, but it was mostly just the rolling farm road all the way. Rogo put in his five, Bill 8mi, Stephen 10, then we finally stopped for lunch- finishing up all our stores of food- five tortillas each, a bit of peanut butter, and jelly. I doubled up the tortillas, as did most of us, since the peanut butter was pretty low. Grant got in his run of ten miles, then we all grouped up for what we thought was the last couple miles, with me finishing up my double.

Unfortunately, about three miles in we got on a road with a sign saying "Castroville: 7 miles", and our directions said to get to Castroville, then go three more miles. I put in about 7 miles, then we had a series of folks putting extra in: Bill, Rogo, Corey and Grant added on 2, 2, 1.5 and 1 before we made it to the house for a new record day of 68miles, and about 130miles over the past two days.

No one was home, and we were terribly starved and cold and tired, so we called Jim (whose Aunt and Uncle we were staying with) and got clearance to let ourselves in the house. Soon Jim's uncle got home and set us up with some Tostitos and salsa. We got showered and met Jim's aunt, who made us a delicious lasagna dinner. We also had a surprise waiting for us: a DVD from Beth and Karin that was very fun(ny) and nice to see.

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