Colin's Journal

21 January 2006
0 miles
Westmont College, Santa Barbara
0 miles run, 0 biked

Woke up this morning for a pancake breakfast sponsored by the dorm we had slept in. It was very good- we had both plain and chocolate chip, with syrup, strawberries or peanut butter to top them with. After breakfast, we went to the beach on the shuttle and played volleyball. We played 4v4 for a while, then 5v5 with some Westmont kids, and then 3v3 when we got tired. We were there the entire afternoon, then walked through Santa Barbara for a little over a mile on a beautiful bike path to get back to the grocery store. It was a nice afternoon walk going by manicured lawns of a bird sanctuary.

We bought a lot at the grocery store, but the highlight was Bill daring Corey to eat a habanero pepper, thinking he could not possibly do it (since everyone knows not to eat peppers). Corey had it down before Bill could stop him, then spent some time in the bathroom with water and milk trying to control the burn. Back at school, Bill and I used a kitchen to make dinner for ourselves and people we met. We had spaghetti, Bill did some amazing nutmeg meatballs, and I topped some french bread with a slice of tomato and lots of monterey jack. We all had a big meal, then watched the sing-a-long version of High School Musical in the rec. room of the college.

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