Colin's Journal

20 January 2006
25 miles
Emma Wood State Park --> Westmont College
9 miles run, 16 biked

Another morning sleeping late, we figured there was no point in getting moving while it was still cold out. Bill had revived the fire from last night and I found him and Corey warming themselves by it when I woke up. Our (mine and Grant's) had been plenty warm, but apparently the wind had cooled everyone off over the night.

We had a breakfast of nasty, stale bagged bagels with cream cheese, and jelly and peanuts on the side. We hung out here for a while as the fire died down, and the sun started to warm us up. We rolled out on the bike path we had been following yesterday, and followed it for about ten beautiful miles, towards the end of which Corey and I started runningWe had a much worse section, where we got onto Rt. 101 with a lot of traffic for a while. It then turned into city streets in Carpinteria where we switched with Stephen and Bill. They had another nice section where we started getting into the swanky Santa Barbara properties, all hedged in so you had to peek in through gates. One in particular I remember was the "Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club". We raced some road bikers on the back street leading up to Westmont, which was fun, but they looked annoyed.

Westmont was way up on a hill that was a tough way to finish the day. We got up there and met with Krista, who brought us to one of the men's dorms where we dropped off our stuff and showered and did laundry before going out for some Santa Barbara nightlife. We went first to a chinese place where we had dinner with Krista and Adam- another nice guy from Westmont. From here we stopped at the local Vons and picked up 14 donuts for dessert. We would travel via the shuttle that would go from the top of the mountain into town, and would get to each stop every hour or so.

After stopping back at the dorm, Stephen, Rogo and I went out for some swing dancing. It was tough to learn, but Krista's friends were very good teachers. Stephen was already very good, and would spin the girls around like crazy. He and Krista in particular were very good dancers. Rogo found a very attractive blonde he was dancing with until long after the rest of us were ready to go. Big props to him. I was personally pretty tired and not much fun.

When we got back to the dorm, we found Corey, Grant and Bill lying on the floor, trying to eat 3 pints of ice cream, 14 donuts, a box of Klondike bars and a box of Snickers bars- while watching Disney's High School Musical. They made a pact to finish them all, and did it. We slept on the floor of a common room.

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