Colin's Journal

18 January 2006
17 miles
Malibu--> Mugu Point State Beach
9 miles run, 8 biked

Stayed up last night watching "Beauty and the Beast", fell asleep on the couch with no blankets. We decided to sleep in and get a purposefully late start, so we slept until 9 or 10, then didn't get moving until around 11. Kelly made us another beautiful meal- eggs with lots of ham, muffins, melon, bananas, bacon, and pancakes. Our biggest worry now (mostly Stephen's biggest worry) is that we are getting too soft. We packed up and thanked Kelly as best we could, though- as with all our hosts- it doesn't seem enough.

Bill and Corey raced Razor Scooters down her street while we packed the bags, and then we were off. Kelly lives in a gated street with maybe 20 houses on it, so it was very cool to have these white gates swing open to welcome us yesterday, then slide open to let us go this morning.

Corey and I ran together first- I'd say I'm about 85% better from my stomach bug: I still worry about eating, but then everything stays down. Corey did 5x200m flat out with about a mile jog in between, and I am happy to just accelerate to ~5k pace and try to feel smooth while he does his intervals. Otherwise we just jog along and talk a little about the coming seasons. We will both be in the 5k at Smith right after we get back from this trip, and it will be hard to gauge our race fitness from workouts on the side of the road. We both think we should be able to run under 15:40, but worry a little about pacing.

The others stop about 4 miles in for groceries. We see Stephen talking to a dirty man with a huge amount of hair and a similarly bedraggled woman. Apparently they were travelling sound and camping "in the green grass where I can't see out, and they can't see in." Stephen said the guy had been panhandling at restaurants and asked if he had any "bud".

Corey and I finished and stretched a bit while everyone else caught up, then got on bikes and started riding, but not that much farther. We got to the campsite sooner than planned, and spent the afternoon lying on it and reading. There had been a slight misty drizzle as we left Kelly's, but it was pretty clear now in the afternoon (but with a good wind coming off the water.)

We had spaghetti with sauce for dinner, pb and j for dessert. I talked to mom on the phone, and we set up two tents for the night. I have a picture of the campsite in my journal.

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