Colin's Journal

17 January 2006
Brentwood--> Malibu
0 miles run, 22 biked

Woke up feeling sore from yesterday's run and the lack of food or salts to help repair my body. Felt sick after sipping water, so I limited myself to some handfuls of Kashi puffed rice for breakfast. Luckily today was a short day, so I was able to take it off from running (even the biking felt pretty tough though). Bill and Karina started out running, then Stephen and Grant, then Karina picked up my running leg with Corey. We made it to Malibu around 10:30am, to stay with Stephen's friend Kelley (affectionately reffered to by us as "Malibu Kelly").

She made us some wonderful rice and stirfry for lunch, which so far has been fine on my stomach, and then took us to Zuma beach where we all lounged around and I caught up on my journal writing. We stayed a bit too long here, but how often will we be hanging out on a beach in Malibu? There were flocks of seagulls with pelicans flying around and we spotted some dolphins out in the ocean. They were filming an episode of "The O.C." at a restaurant on the beach, so after watching all the trailers pull in and picking out which was Misha Barton's, we walked over and peered around. Sunset was spectacular at 5:30pm.

Kelly then made us a great dinner of marinated steak and potatoes, which I was able to eat without hurting my stomach. Dessert was icecream, brownies and apple pie. Delicious. We also played pinball, and with the two German shepherds she had. Kelly's boyfriend stopped by- he was the best player to not make the US National water polo team, and also is now a big rower. He was very nice. We found out that a beach we were planning to stay at in two days is flooded, so we have to change our plans, maybe staying at state beaches for two nights, and not visiting Rogo's aunt through and inland path as planned.

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