Colin's Journal

16 January 2006
Laguna Beach--> Brentwood
18 miles run, 47 biked

Had a bunch of frosted mini-wheats for breakfast, then we hit the road, for what Grant had planned to be our longest day of the trip. We would skirt the coast of L.A., and finish up at Rogo's grandma's house in ritzy Brentwood. Corey and I both planned on doing our long runs today, which would make it that much easier for everyone else. Corey put in a big first leg, which I had originally heard was between 17 and 18 miles, but was apparently closer to 20 (2:24 ran).

I started my run then, going on a boardwalk for two or three miles before getting on the PCH for the remainder. It was nice to see the area change so rapidly as I ran through- so many famous names: Long Beach, Redondo beach, and even the Los Angeles port was cool to see. I was running on sidewalks and city streets, through areas that wouldn't seem too out of place in Hartford- sort of run down stores, no one says "hi" as you pass, lots of cars, dirty water and litter in the streets. The difference was that there was so much of it- I kept running through areas that looked much like ones I'd already gone through (similar to the desert, in a weird way). I was also alone, ahead of everyone else for the first 1:40, which had me worrying quite a bit- lost in L.A. with only my running shorts!

I finished the 18 in 1:59, for around 6:36 pace, had lunch of peanut butter, honey, raisins and jelly on tortillas and started riding again. Not much of note the rest of the long ride- played a fun game of pursuit with Stephen on a boardwalk that was very twisty and a little hilly- I'd catch up on the uphills using the Kokopelli clips, then right as I thought of passing, we'd crest the hill and the bigger gears on the Long Haul Trucker would let him pull away.

We got to David's grandma's house in the hills above Brentwood around 4:00pm. In the area we saw the "HOLLYWOOD" sign in the distance, and crossed Santa Monica and Sunset Boulevard of musical fame. Her house was at the top of a very steep hill, so I tried racing him up- me on the Kokopelli, him on foot. I got the jump on him, but the hill was a little too long, so he ended up getting me easily.

No one answered the door when we knocked, but Dave's grandma pulled in not five minutes later. She seemed genuinely happy to see us, and appeared to be very affluent to boot. The house was tastefully decorated, with big airy rooms open to the pool in the back through big glass doors. We met up with Karina there too, and sat next to the pool chatting with her while we went one by one and showered. She will be travelling with us for five days, which will be great to have her company, even if it means more running (runners now have to go in groups of two, so we cover half the distance).

Dave's grandma then took us out to eat at Souplantation, which Dave has been raving about the whole trip. It was very good, though much of the draw was the salads, which I didn't eat. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet, with salads, soups (potato, chicken noodle), focacia and ciabatta breads, as well as desserts and muffins. Didn't eat too much, though it was very good, but my stomach was really hurting after we ate.

I went back to the house and went right to bed at 8 or 9, very tired with an aching stomach. I woke up four times that night with all the food I'd recently eaten exiting again. Once while throwing up, my hamstring got a terrible cramp, and I had to work it out while keeping my head above the toilet bowl- not a fun night at all.

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