Colin's Journal

14 January 2006
54 miles
Anza--> Murrieta
10 miles run, 44 biked

Woke at 6am, Dick made us Cream of Wheat and sweet rolls for breakfast. [[Grant gave an interview for Anna Morrison at the Williams Record via phone while we chatted with Reena and Dick. We rode out, and went up an early climb, to what is likely the highest point of our trip: 4,233 ft. Then on the next downhill, I hit the new high speed of 38.0 mph on the kokopelli. We then had many miles of mostly downhill next, easy on the bikes, hard on the runner. I started going midway down, while we could still see the hazy valley far below.I carefully trotted down three miles to a right hand turn where the bikers were all waiting. They had met a man named Bruce who sold nuts, honey and jerky. He gave us a big bag of peanuts, and a piece of jerky each for free, then we bought two jars of local honey. I kept running, there wasn't much shoulder, and we kept going downhill, so I just focused on keeping from hurting myself. After 10 miles, I stopped, had a honey tortilla and jerky, then got riding again. We soon stopped at a grocery store for some supplies and a little more lunch. We all did some taste tests in there, then had a dozen glazed donuts to full us up. If now isn't a time to splurge, I don't know when is. It was getting darker and darker, threatening to rain, so we hurried onwards.Unfortunately, we got lost in Murrieta, and added on about 4 miles before finding the place. Nice warm house, huge dinner courtesy of Grant's family. It was great to see happy people, including Grant's mom, who gave us all hugs when she met us. We had mashed potatoes, pot roast and pasta for dinner, then cookies and ice cream for dessert. Two really fun cousins of Grant's were there, too.

Line of the day:
Aunt Joan (Grant's mom): "I flew in yesterday, and you know what was the best part? I sat next to Asians!"

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